Be a reseller of IPTVpark

IPTV Reseller Plans

If you already are an IPTV seller and are looking to expand your business or if you have decision to start a new business, you can be one of hundreds of our Resellers.
With the features provided by IPTVpark and the high quality of services and a large collection of TV channels (Over 16000 Channels), you can have satisfied customers in addition to expanding your revenue.

  • If you have already used our service, you know the quality of our services.
  • If you are new you can get a Free Test Account and check the quality of service.

How does it work?

  1. At first you should get a panel from IPTVpark to manage your credit and user accounts .
    • * You should have your venue or platform to sell service (For example a website) and the mentioned panel is just for managing account, credit, sub-resellers and connection between you and IPTVpark.
  2. Then you should buy Credit from IPTVpark as following plans.
  3. After you received an order from your customer you should refer to this panel and active account for your customer as he/she wish.

For example: you have 200 credit in your account and you have sold a 1 month IPTV account for 20 €. You generate a 1 month account in your panel and 5 credit will be deduct and remaining credit is 195 in your panel.

First Reseller Plan

Starter Plan

  • 100 Credit inventory
  • Select categories (M3U & MAG & Enigma Support)
  • Support 1 Month & 3 Months & 6 Months & 1 Year user accounts
  • Generating multiroom accounts
  • Modify or edit created lines
  • Can get your own reseller
  • Generate 50 one day Test accounts daily for your customers
  • Sub-Reseller Support
  • IPTV Server maintenance by IPTVpark
  • Create and config Brand and DNS

Service prices for resellers

  • 1 month account – 5 Credits
  • 3 months account – 12 Credits
  • 6 months account – 20 Credits
  • 1 year account – 36 Credits
  • 1 month multiroom account – 8 Credits
  • 3 months multiroom account – 18 Credits
  • 6 months multiroom account – 30 Credits
  • 1 year multiroom account – 50 Credits
  • Sub-Reseller account – 10 Credits
  • Each Credit for Sub-Reseller – 1 Credit
  • *You would decide about prices for your customers

Before getting a reseller panel, you can check panel features.

Use these information to sign in demo panel. Remember some sections like creating a link is disabled in demo panel.

Get Start with 100 Credits
More Credits for Resellers
Here is more credit plans. If you already are a Reseller of IPTVpark, just mention in checkout page so we will add credits to your existing panel.
Including Reseller Panel

200 Credits

Including Reseller Panel

500 Credits

Including Reseller Panel

1,000 Credits

Including Reseller Panel

2,000 Credits

Including Reseller Panel

5,000 Credits

  • Credits won't expire
    Panel and existing credits will not expire. If you do not use the Panel Credits can remain in the Panel And will not be lost.
  • Prize
    Each seller can sell more than 5,000 credit a month, will receive 300 to 500 credits as prize.